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About Us

Eurospecial was created in 1998 by it's founder Tony Owens MIEx as one of the first British dedicated express vehicle suppliers in Europe. After 21 years in the freight business Tony saw an opportunity to offer customers the highest level of service, quickest transit times and highest level of care for important, express and fragile loads.

Over the past 28 years Eurospecial has developed that service into one of the top performing dedicated express suppliers in the UK. Despite the challenges of two recessions and many political and economic changes Eurospecial has succeeded by prioritising our customers satisfaction and recognising the importance of each load.

We achieve this success by giving our customers in depth information as to how their load will be carried, along with regular and informative updates by email, SMS or phone. We always provide our customers with the fullest information so they can make informed decisions and update their colleagues on the progress of the load with confidence.

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