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Specialist Equipment

Eurospecial Panel Van Side and Back.JPG

Open Roof, and removable rear bar

This feature, available on a selection of our curtainsider vans, 7.5T, 12T, 18T and Trailers, allows you to top, rear and side load. Ideal for Crane loading where the crane won't reach the height of the vehicle, or where there is a Overhead Crane used to load goods such as in a factory.

Marshy's truck.jpg
Eurospecial Panel  Van and Curtainsider Sides.JPG

Flatbeds, Lo-Loaders and Out of Gauge Equipment

For Wide, high and heavy loads we can provide dedicated flatbed and lo-loader vehicles to giving the flexibility required for these unusual load. All drivers are trained in the movement of out of gauge equipment, and we source the relevant permits. We can also use our flatbeds to move 20' and 40' shippers own containers throughout Europe.

Tail-Lift Trailers - Box and Curtain

Regularly used for exhibitions, and delivery to high street shops across Europe our dedicated trailers with tail-lifts are extremely versatile, and can save you and your customers time and effort arranging unloading equipment. Our drivers also carry a pallet truck to help load and unload the trailers. Our tail-lift trailers are both box and curtain sided to allow for your specific requirements. 

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